Derlyne Omwoyo

Derlyne Nyakara Omwoyo

Derlyne Nyakara Omwoyo is a 4th year medical student at Egerton University, Kenya. She is passionate about medical research, global health particularly global surgery, digital health and brain health. She envisions a future where underserved populations, individuals in low- and middle-income countries as well as those experiencing conflict, disaster and displacement can access quality and timely surgical care. She understands research as an opportunity to create change through informing policies around health, bringing light to the challenges in offering quality health care, discovering new diseases and improving the management of different diseases.

Derlyne has worked in the brain health space, as a mental health advocate, since 2022. She has been at the forefront of promoting the mental wellness of medical students in her country through creating awareness on mental health, advocacy, social media campaigns and community outreaches both as a local officer and currently national Officer for the Standing Committee on mental Health under the Medical Students’ Associations of Kenya. She believes that with every occurrence in one’s life, their brain will definitely be affected, and therefore brain health should be taken seriously. She is interested in neuroscience and neuroanatomy and the ways in which we can grow the brain health space through research and technology.

She is also a humanitarian, with the belief that human life is truly priceless. She is concerned about promoting human welfare and creating positive change in the lives of others.