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If you are a medical student's organization or are interested in presenting your products to an international audience of medical students and early-career scientists, don't hesitate to get in touch with conference@ijms.info so you can sponsor the IJMS World Conference of Medical Students Research.


The Otto Research Initiative is founded by two international medical graduates, with the aim to disseminate research methodology for free. As IMGs, we understand the hardships that most of us face in this journey towards residency. We have noticed that most of us are caught in a trap of not having enough research on our CV, and unfairly paying hundreds of dollars for last-minute publications. Having seen these nuances occurring repeatedly, we have taken up the mantle ourselves to help out our fellow IMGs to get a head start on being published authors.


The Association of Future African Neurosurgeons (AFAN) is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization, consisting of students, early-career physicians, neurosurgical residents, neurosurgeons, neuro-anesthetists, neurologists, neuroanatomists, and neuro-pathologists from all over the world mainly from Africa. AFAN is an interest group that provides mentorship, education, advocacy, and research in neurosurgery and related fields.


The International Society for Chronic Illnesses is an effort to unite health care workers from all over the world to improve the quality of life of people with chronic conditions. Our Mission is to alleviate the morbidity associated with chronic illnesses through observation, analysis, implementation, and follow-up.


Squad Medicine and Research (SMR) - OF the Students, BY the Students, FOR the Students is a totally freely functional multidisciplinary voluntary group. SMR was fully functional from 24th April 2020 with a shared goal in mind. Currently we have 1000+ members in our groups. We aim to strengthen healthcare through particular emphasis on medical research. We believe that strengthening healthcare is a multidisciplinary approach that requires working on a number of aspects. SMR organizes its annual conference "MED INVADE" every year, in which healthcare students all over the world get on a single platform of knowledge transmission.


The Researchist is a scientific research community for early career researchers, which organizes workshops and trainings in research methodology and provides research opportunities for students in health sciences, engineering and natural sciences. The community began its journey as an initiative established by medical students in 2019 at An-Najah National University in Palestine then it expanded to include students from different universities in Gaza and West Bank. Now, The Researchist contains students from several Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Currently, we are carrying out online and offline workshops and we aspire to enter the research world in fields of humanities and social sciences. The Researchist community aims to make scientific research a youth language, beside spreading the culture of research and upgrading research skills of university students. Our vision is to build a whole new generation of young researchers from graduate and post graduate students through providing research opportunities and workshops to improve their skills.


Research in Medicine (REMED) Kenya is an organization founded and run by medical students to sensitize and build capacity for research by undergrad medical students and young doctors in our setting. It comprises a robust group that offers peer mentorship for undergraduate medical students and young doctors who want to start a research career. We also work in smaller teams to publish quality original articles and reviews in peer-reviewed journals under the mentorship of other established researchers and physician scientists.

MEDILENS Medical & Health News Magazine is a medical student-led initiative to promote health and research-related content amongst medical students and health professionals worldwide. We feature medical/health blogs and articles in our monthly magazines, newsletters, and blogs which are provided by students themselves. We keep all our services free from any charges. Now, we are extending our area into the field of research works publications.

The Good Research Project aims to promote genuine and hands-on virtual research and publication experience for medical students and graduates. We currently have 1000+ members and 50+ research fellows working on various projects. Beginner level courses include (1) Introduction to Research and Publication (2) Medical article writing workshop (3) Journal Club - poster and paper presentation. Advanced level courses include short term virtual research projects (1) Research - Social media analysis on important health related content (2) Research - Medical student survey (3) Review article writing workshop (4) Case report writing guidance.

Reach out to us at Website: www.TheGoodResearchProject.com

Email: hello.thegoodresearchproject@gmail.com

Instagram: @TheGoodResearchProject

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