Research Pathways

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The IJMS Research Pathways is an online series about the career and experiences of the Journal Editorial Team. An essential part of our Team is composed of medical students and recently graduated physicians with substantial research experience from all over the world. Their experiences and careers could serve as a map to guide future generations of medical researchers. 

In this series, we will also explore the career of IJMS Mentors, the members of the IJMS Editorial Board. Scientists with transcendental careers in medicine whose contributions to science have changed the world with their research and have paved the road for future generations of scientists and physicians who will keep their legacies.

Leading the interviews we will have Dr. Leah Komer, BSc, MB BCh BAO Candidate, PGY-2, Psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

The series will be released in January 2023.

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