MedEd Research Webinars

We are glad to announce the commencement of the IJMS Medical Education Research Webinars which are scheduled to be held every month. Through the platform of the journal, we strive to promote the environment of learning and scientific development. MedEd Research Webinars serve to develop the culture of virtual mentorship for medical students unable to attend such programs in their home countries.

The IJMS has always been dedicated to promoting the culture of learning through the training of a new generation of editors and peer-reviewers and now we feel honored to extend this culture to our readership and community through this initiative. 

The MedEd Research Webinars are specially designed and organized for medical students and early career researchers aiming to improve their understanding of the following topics:

  • Refining your research question
  • Literature searching and databases
  • Methodology design
  • Sampling techniques and sample size calculations
  • Data analysis and interpretation 
  • Publication process
  • Principles of evidence-based medicine
  • Handling conflicting evidence
  • Systematic review protocol development and registration
  • Data extraction procedure
  • Critical Appraisal of the studies
  • Data synthesis in systematic reviews and meta-analysis


Mission and Vision

These webinar themes have been tailored to fit the needs of an early-career researcher and so will help us achieve the aim to be the leading diffusion platform for early-career scientists' medical research. Our virtual mentorship program is in line with the goals of the IJMS as well as the needs of our readers/authors. We aim to make a significant difference in our readership's understanding of basic techniques, core approaches, and practical as well as theoretical concepts related to medical research. This is important to impart an accurate understanding of evidence-based practice early in the careers of medical students which is beneficial regardless of their clinical or academic interests. 


MedEd Research Webinar Team

Our team, dedicated to making this initiative a high-yielding journey for our readers, is composed of a diverse group of editors working under the supervision of the Executive Committee of the IJMS. The MedEd team is committed to turning this initiative into the leading platform for medical students to virtually consult and have their academic questions to be addressed through our webinar. This initiative is also endorsed and supported by members of our Editorial Board who are mentors of IJMS.

Our Team


Month Topics
August 2022 Introduction and steps to conducting medical research (Topic selection, refining your question, literature searching)
September 2022 Methodology and study designs - 1: Observational Study Designs
October 2022 Methodology and study designs - 2
November 2022 World Conference of Medical Student Research
December 2022 All about sampling (Sampling frame, sampling technique, and sample size)
January 2023 Introduction to data analysis and interpretation
February 2023 All about publication (Process, journal selection, manuscript preparation, handling peer review)
March 2023 Principles of evidence-based medicine
April 2023 Handling conflicting evidence and introduction to systematic reviews
May 2023 How to conduct a systematic review (Refining your question, protocol development, and registration)
June 2023 Searching for evidence and data extraction
July 2023 Critical appraisal of studies
August 2023 Introduction to meta-analysis and clinical rationale
September 2023 Data synthesis


Stay Tuned

All our webinars will be transmitted on the IJMS Youtube channel and will be freely available on-demand for all audiences.


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