Gia Bajaj

Gia Bajaj

Gia Bajaj completed her schooling from Pratap Public School, Karnal, India in 2020 and joined Anna Medical College, Mauritius (Affiliated with University of Technology, Mauritius) as a medical student in 2021. Before finishing her schooling, she wrote an article titled "A Thermo-Dynamical theory of Consciousness," published as a pre-print at Researchsquare. DOI: (Author name on the article is her old name, as she is a trans girl and changed her name after this project).

Gia declined invitations for publication of the article as she believes it is not yet complete and plans to work on it in the future. She joined the Peer Research Mentorship Programme as a mentor at the International Society of Chronic Illnesses in 2023, where she is supposed to mentor a team and publish a meta-analysis article within a year.

Currently, Gia serves as the College Board Director and National Asst. Director of the Research Society at the Global Association of Indian Medical Students-Mauritius. She is also working on a Meta-analysis with her team from GAIMS.

Gia hopes to pursue research as her primary work in the future.

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