Jaber Husam Jaradat

Imagen de Jaber Jaradat

I am a 4th-year undergraduate medical student at the Medical School of Mutah University, Al Karak Governorate. My professional journey is characterized by a strong focus on research, complemented by a diverse skill set. I specialize in systematic review and meta-analysis, data analysis, and programming (Python for ML and DL using Sklearn and Pytorch framework). I have completed various courses, including Cochrane Interactive Systematic Review and meta-analysis, and am proficient in using tools like SPSS, Jamovi, sklearn library and PyTorch for deep learning model development.

I have successfully published 4 papers and have 2 accepted papers. Additionally, I have submitted 7 papers, covering a range of topics such as scoping reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, primary cross-sectional studies, case reports, and letters to the editor. My current projects include an umbrella review, computer-vision research projects, systematic reviews, retrospective studies, case reports, and a study in bioinformatics. All my publications and preprints are available on my ResearchGate account.

I am a reviewer for Neuropedia journal in Jordan, and also as an organizing member of MRAS, a local research club, I contribute to teaching research skills to colleagues.

You can find more information about my professional background and contributions on the following online platforms:

LinkedIn: Jaber Jaradat

ResearchGate: Jaber Jaradat

ORCID: 0000-0002-6488-4664

Google Scholar: Jaber Jaradat