Mohammed Imad

This is Mohammed Imad, a passionate 4th year student at the Faculty of Medicine of Al-Quds University Al-Azhar Branch, where I'm currently getting ready to complete my studies at Al-Zagazig Faculty of Medicine-Egypt which is considered one of the leading Universities in research.

Considering my interests and skills in research, I've been using SPSS in statistical analysis for various research projects that have been discussed and presented at several international conferences such as ASiT 202, Vascular Society Conference22 and AMEE22. Additionally, I've been holding the position of the international Journal Club Coordinator in PalMedics-UK and national Coordinator of the same role in the research committee of OMEN-Palestine where we used to critically appraise the recent critical publications in the field of surgery and AI with medicine as well as other critical subjects. besides presenting up to 5 posters at various national and international conferences as a first author. thanks to the link for one of them:

Deviating from research to professional and initiative activities targeting the Medical students' community, I was in charge of NTSDD position at PMSA Palestine as well as Financial Coordinator at PalMedicsUK and Former Internal Affairs Coordinator at HultPrize IUG.

ORCID info: ID NO. : 0000-0002-1353-7275 My.ORCID.LINK