Anurenj S Kumar

Anurenj S Kumar

As a fourth-year medical student at Yerevan State Medical University, I have cultivated a profound passion for both medicine and research. My involvement with Cobrain, an institution dedicated to advancing research in Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and stroke, has provided me with invaluable experiences to enhance my research skills. Additionally, I have gained research insights from the Microbiology and Patho-Biochemistry departments at Yerevan State University.

Outside the realm of academics, I find solace and joy in various activities. In my leisure time, I indulge in listening to music, playing football, and expressing my creativity through painting. When prompted with the hypothetical question of an alternative career path, my response remains the same "a footballer".

As I approach the culmination of my medical education, I am still in contemplation about the path I will embark on post-medical school, keeping my options open for the diverse opportunities that lie ahead.

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