Viviana Cortiana


Viviana Cortiana is a third-year medical student and research enthusiast at the University of Bologna, in Italy. She thinks that everyone can give a contribution to the world and make a difference, and She hopes that the way for me to help will be through scientific research. In the future, She would likes to be a physician-scientist working in the oncology research field and help in finding a cure for cancer.

Having the chance, thanks to one new discovery to improve or save many lives is the greatest reward that she could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, the medical training in Italy does not include any research experience, but this encourages
me to dedicate additional time and opportunities to understand how the discovery of a new therapy
happens, and not only its name and correct prescription. In her free time, She dedicates herself to volunteering activities, such as “Clown Therapy”, a project which takes place weekly in the wards of the university hospital. She feels useful to other people and grateful for giving help. She is investing much time and energy in this project, but She feels that the satisfaction and help She can give are worth all the sacrifices.

She is also interested in international collaboration and knowledge of different cultures, fundamental in the
research field that requires joining forces to achieve a final objective. She is happy and honored to be an
ambassador of the University of Bologna and to promote collaboration among students from different
countries, other than organizing activities to enhance multicultural exchanges of ideas.

Research interests: oncology (both preclinical and clinical research), immunology, and internal medicine.

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