From Theory to Practice: Reflections of a Medical Student's Rural Posting in a Leprosy Hospital




Community Health Services, Nigeria, Leprosy, Medical Students, Rural Health, Neglected Diseases, Primary Health Care, Mycobacterium leprae, Chronic Disease, Infectious Disease Transmission, Multidrug Therapy, Health Education, Health Services Accessibility, Social Stigma, Disability Evaluation, Health Promotion, Patient-Centered Care, Health Care Disparities, Poverty Areas, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice


This article reflects on a medical student's rural posting at a Nigerian Leprosy Hospital. Despite Nigeria's 1998 Leprosy elimination achievement, the disease has persisted in marginalized communities. Leprosy, a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD), is associated with poverty and social stigma. The rural posting offered insight into the clinical and psychosocial aspects of Leprosy. The article also emphasized the role of medical students in eradicating diseases via awareness campaigns, collaboration with health organizations, early case identification, and improved rural healthcare.


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The image shows a single-story building with a caption indicating it's the "Dr. Esther Davis (OBE) Memorial Ward." The architecture is modest, with a red roof, yellow walls, and multiple doors and windows, suggesting functionality and accessibility. A person is seen walking past, giving a sense of scale to the structure. Surrounding the building is lush greenery, indicating a tropical or subtropical location. The ward is dedicated to the care of leprosy patients and commemorates the work of Dr. Esther Davis, a missionary doctor affiliated with The Leprosy Mission, highlighting her contributions to medical care in this field.




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