Spine ABC, A Multidimensional Case Report from A to Z: Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of the Spine

In memory of Dimitrios Konstantinou


  • Eliza (Eleni-Zacharoula) Georgiou Medical Student, University of Patras
  • Savvina Prapiadou Medical Student, University of Patras
  • Helen Kourea Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Patras




Aneurysmal Bone Cyst, Spine, Pain, Neoplasms


Background: Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC) are uncommon entities which cause expansile and destructive bone lesions and are characterized by reactive proliferation of connective tissue. They usually grow rapidly with hypervascularity. ABC’s incidence on the spine is 1.5 in 10 million. Most cases present with pain of unexplained origin.

The Case: Presented in this paper is an ABC case in the spinous process of the L2 vertebra of a 20-year-old Greek female patient. The main symptom was persistent back pain, without neurological symptoms, of four years’ duration. Treatment consisted of surgical curettage of the lesion. In this case report, we tried to describe not only the pathology of this disease but also the subsequent psychosocial symptoms that accompany it. We managed to accomplish that by exploiting the knowledge of an experienced pathologist, the help of the physicians responsible for this case, the interest of some sensitized medical students, and of course, the experience of the patient herself since the patient is also the lead author.

Conclusion: The focal point of this article is that even though ABCs might lead to excruciating pain, this pain can be alleviated with the proper treatment, especially if the communication between physician and patient is optimal.


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Author Biography

Eliza (Eleni-Zacharoula) Georgiou, Medical Student, University of Patras

Eliza Georgiou is a Medical Student at University of Patras. Her biggest passion is Mental Health and its relation with somatic symptoms and disorders.



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