Manali Sarkar

Dr. Manali Sarkar

Dr. Manali Sarkar is an Intern from MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India. As a researcher, Manali has made significant contributions to research groups specializing in public health, orthopedics, rheumatology, and neuroscience. She has assumed leadership roles, exemplified by her position as the Chairperson of the Scientific Inquiry and Research Made Easy (INQUIRE) Society of Research. In addition, she serves as the Assistant Chief of Academics for the Medicos Education and Research Society of AMSA India, showcasing her dedication to fostering academic excellence and research initiatives within the medical community.

She has a keen interest in global health, as seen in her role as an Organizing Team Member of the LAGI-International COVID-19 Conference of Students Against COVID. She has secured 1st prizes in Inquisition (AMSA India Journal Club Paper Presentation), MedInsight: Scientific Paper Presentation, and AMSA Trihepthalon Critical Appraisal Writing Competition. She has been involved in various community service roles, which are Director for Professional Development at the Rotaract Club of Medicrew, Unit Member at UNESCO RC MEDICREW Bioethics Unit, and Academic Coordinator of the Medical Student For Choice (MSFC) UNIT.

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