Praveen Bharath Saravanan

Dr. Praveen Bharath Saravanan

Dr. Praveen Bharath Saravanan is a newly graduated doctor with a Bachelors in Medicine and a Bachelors in Surgery from K.A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College, Tiruchirappalli, India.

Dr. Saravanan is a research mentor and has helped students with limited resources attain and hone their research skills, as he believes addressing the lack of capacity will greatly bridge the gaps in knowledge of evidence-based medicine. He has published a few papers and is a peer reviewer in multiple international journals.

He has worked with organizations such as Asian Medical Students Association, Rotaract International, VAADA with hope, InnoRes International to achieve his personal and career goals and has in return acknowledged his expertise.

His interests include internal medicine, adolescent and geriatric psychiatry, climate health challenges, public health and policy, and medical education.

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