Rayan Abdelwahab Osman Mohammed

Rayan Abdelwahab Osman Mohammed

Rayan Abdelwahab Osman Mohammed graduated with an MBBS from Al Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan. She is interested in research and academic writing. Rayan has the distinction of publishing the first dermatology book in her home country and has also co-authored a book on parasitology.

Rayan is a proactive researcher who started publishing papers early on in her career. She is currently serving as a research intern at the Toufik's Medical Association.

Apart from research, Rayan is also interested in medical teaching and has been actively involved as a volunteer teaching assistant. She is an integral member of the Community Medical Response Team (CMRT), where she contributes her time and expertise as part of the training team.

In 2022, Rayan was appointed as the CEO of the newly launched Breast Cancer Clinic at Al-Mugrin University Hospital. Her leadership and communication skills were instrumental in ensuring the success of this new venture.

Throughout her academic and research journey, Rayan has developed valuable skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, and negotiation. She is particularly interested in the fields of Radiology, Cardiology, and Neurology, and is eager to continue making meaningful contributions in these areas.

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