Alinawaz Khan

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I have always been an ambitious academic achiever. In terms of facts and figures, I have been recognized with 40+ awards in 4 years of medical student life. These 40+ awards include not only prestigious 5-6 International prizes, but also awards from National Medical Association and State Governing bodies of India. Participating in 95+ national and international quizzes and various competitions as well as 250+ conferences for medical students enhance my experience as well as confidence. Altogether, 400+ events certifications inspire me all the time to prove myself to be a veteran in the field of medicine in the near future and achieve something great in the welfare of human beings.

Besides these contests, I have also conducted 4 research studies so far and a few of them have been published in well-recognized journals as well, on completion. In the context of writing and leadership skills, I've been selected as an Elsevier Student Ambassador thrice, consecutively in 3 years and I have also authored an article, which was selected to be published in the first-ever magazine of Indian medical students.

I won't be committing any error to quote, people around me have always been a source of motivation to me and inspire me all the time to achieve something higher every next sunrise and miles to go before the sunset.

Exploring the facts and pondering over ongoing phenomena around has always been my passion. I find diving into the sea of knowledge is the most daring adventure. Every tiny stuff which comes across in daily life is a potential source to teach something, provided we do keenly observe them. Understanding the mechanism behind the physiology of each compels one to appreciate the beauty of nature. Eventually, each life on the planet (studied so far by humans) fascinates me towards research and lets me know something new each day.