Marina Shatskikh


Marina is a Student Editor of the IJMS. 

She has bachelor's degrees in pharmaceutical chemistry and Russian from the University of California, Davis (UCD, United States) and is currently a 2nd-year graduate entry medicine student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Prior to starting medical school, she worked as a medicinal chemist in drug discovery at Gilead Sciences, Inc. and has a breadth of both translational and clinical research experience. 

Aside from research, she is passionate about patient advocacy and health education. During her time at UCD, she co-founded the Nadezhda Clinic, a student-run clinic dedicated to providing free healthcare to the underserved Russian-speaking population of Sacramento, California. Now at RCSI, she serves as the Education Officer of the Dermatology Society and strives to educate students and community members about the importance of sun protection.

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