Viviana Cortiana

Viviana Cortiana

Viviana Cortiana is a third-year medical student and research enthusiast at the University of Bologna, Italy. She believes that everyone can make a difference in the world and hopes to contribute through scientific research. Viviana aspires to become a physician-scientist in the field of oncology to aid in finding a cure for cancer. She finds the opportunity to improve or save lives through new discoveries to be the greatest reward.

Despite her medical training not including research experience, Viviana is motivated to dedicate additional time and opportunities to understand the process of discovering new therapies. She believes that being a scientist involves more than just performing experiments; it entails sharing knowledge with the community, supporting others as a mentor, and advocating for global health improvement.

In her free time, Viviana is committed to contributing to various activities that allow her to grow and improve, providing immense satisfaction and motivation.

Research interests: oncology (preclinical and clinical research), immunology, and internal medicine.

ORCID iD: 0009-0002-8764-9218

Twitter: @vivi_medonc

Instagram: vivi.medonc