Medical Students with Dyslexia: What are their Experiences in Medical School


  • Daniel Yi Liang Tan Fifth-year Medical Student. Barts and The London, Queen Mary University of London, London, United Kingdom.


Dyslexia, Medical Student, Medical School, Medical Curriculum


BACKGROUND: Dyslexia in medical school is a common condition. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical school curriculum has changed. This might lead to differing experiences faced by medical students compared to previous literature.

AIM: This paper explores the experiences of medical students with dyslexia post-COVID-19 with a focus on study methods and support.

METHODS: A qualitative study involving online interviews of five medical students with a formal dyslexia diagnosis was done. Data was collected over two months from February 2023 to March 2023. Transcripts were analysed using an iterative constant comparative approach, forming themes on the experiences of these medical students.

RESULTS: Participants experienced a general need to work harder than their peers in certain areas of medical school, especially those pertaining to traditional learning methods. However, some participants also acknowledged strengths in other areas compared to their peers, especially concerning more visual areas of medicine. This is translated into study strategies whereby participants opt for different learning methods, adopting more visual, kinaesthetic and auditory approaches. Participants felt that more support should be given in terms of making teaching resources more dyslexic-friendly. While participants were more open in the disclosure of dyslexia, the aspect of raising awareness of the positive aspects of dyslexia in medical school was also raised.

CONCLUSION: While there are more positive findings compared to previous literature, more effort needs to be made to support dyslexic students in medical school. Education of different members in medical school on the condition could also be actioned to reduce labels and stereotypes of it.


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