Should Research Thesis be a Prerequisite for Doctor of Medicine Degree? A Cross-sectional Study at Jordan University of Science and Technology


  • Aisha Gharaibeh Jordan University of Science and Technology, ArRamtha, Irbid, Jordan
  • Yazan S. Mousa Jordan University of Science and Technology, ArRamtha, Irbid, Jordan



Medical Students, Jordan, Biomedical Research, Educational Needs Assessment


Background: University based research is an integral part of many prestigious medical schools worldwide. The benefits of student-conducted research have long been highlighted in the literature. This article aims to identify the insights of medical students concerning research training, including perceived hurdles in the way of conducting research, and the utility of a research thesis in acquiring a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Methods: A total of 808 medical students at Jordan University of Science and Technology were selected by random sampling with a confidence level of 95%. A survey was constructed by a group of students through literature review and group discussions. The survey utilized polar and Likert scale questions to collect data from the students. Statistical inferences were then obtained through analysis of means and one sample t-test of the hypothesis.

Results: A total of 687 students filled out the survey (85%). Analysis shows that respondents have a strong and positive attitude towards research. The respondents with past research experience constituted 14.3% of those surveyed. Those respondents identified the barriers faced by them during their experience. The students showed high degree of agreement that a research thesis should be a prerequisite for graduation with statistical significance of p-value ?0.05.

Conclusion: Modifying the curriculum to include research methodology is recommended, and developing it to incorporate a thesis as a requirement for graduation may be advised upon further review.


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Author Biography

Aisha Gharaibeh, Jordan University of Science and Technology, ArRamtha, Irbid, Jordan

About the author: Aisha is a fifth-year medical student at JUST. She is a recipient of Jordan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Scholarship for Distinguished Students to study Medicine and Surgery between the years 2009 and 2015.


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