Management of Vaccination Failure in a Case of HIV -HBV Co-infection: A Case Report


  • Andre Small American University Of Antigua, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Hilary Schroeder International American University, CA, USA
  • Raghu Maramraj Sint Eustatius School of Medicine, Cole Bay, Sint Maarten, the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Marianinha Joanes Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago Il, USA.



HIV Seropositivity, Vaccination, Antigens, Hepatitis B


Background: A 60-year-old African American female patient, with chronic HIV infection since 1999, presented with markers of acute hepatities B virus (HBV) infection for the past 15 months. The patient was previously vaccinated for HBV. Immunoglobulin dysfunction was hypothesized, but electrophoresis yielded no conclusive result.

Results: Investigation suggests that the patient is a non-responder: someone who fails to sero-convert to standard vaccinations. This condition can be linked to B-cell dysfunction due to chronic HIV infection.

Conclusion: It is suggested that non-responders may require a 6-dose regimen to achieve sero-conversion for vaccination. Prevention of co-infection should be the mainstay of treatment, which is achieved by vaccination. However, immune system dysfunction can lead to complications.


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Author Biography

Andre Small, American University Of Antigua, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda.

Andre Small is currently in his fourth year of medical school, at the American University of Antigua. The school is located in St John's Antigua


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Small, A., Schroeder, H., Maramraj, R., & Joanes, M. (2014). Management of Vaccination Failure in a Case of HIV -HBV Co-infection: A Case Report. International Journal of Medical Students, 2(2), 68–70.

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