Policy on Redundant or Duplicate Publications

International Journal of Medical Students’ policy on duplicate publication

Original material must be submitted to IJMS and must not have been previously published or simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.

Authors who are submitting a paper to IJMS and have related material under consideration or in press elsewhere should upload a clearly marked copy at the time of submission and mention it in their cover letter to the editors. While their contributions are being considered by IJMS, authors must disclose any such information, such as if they submit a related manuscript elsewhere that was not written at the time of the original IJMS submission.

If a portion of a contribution that an author wishes to submit to IJMS has already been published or will be published elsewhere, the author must state this in the covering letter that goes with the IJMS submission. If the main result, conclusion, or implications are not apparent from the other work, or if there are other factors, such as the other work being published in a language other than English, IJMS may consider it.

Submissions containing material that has previously been part of a PhD or other academic thesis that has been published in accordance with the requirements of the institution awarding the qualification will be considered by IJMS.

Prior to formal submission to IJMS, authors can publish their work on recognized community preprint servers for review by other scientists in the field. You can find more information about our preprint policies here.

Conference abstracts can be published IJMS before the full contribution is submitted. Such abstracts should be submitted with the IJMS journal submission and referenced in the cover letter.

Authors should seek advice from the editor who is handling their contribution if they have any doubts.

If an author is re-using a figure or figures that have previously been published or are copyrighted, the author must provide documentation that the previous publisher or copyright holder has granted permission for the figure to be republished. All material is considered in good faith by IJMS editors, who believe that their journals have full permission to publish every part of the submitted material, including illustrations.