Coping Strategies for Medical Students During the Pandemic: A Nigerian Perspective


  • Toluwalashe Soyemi Lagos State University College Of Medicine



medical students, coping strategies, volunteering, social impact


The COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected experience for medical students all over Nigeria. Many medical schools were forced to halt academic activities while a few private institutions continued using online sessions.  

Medical school in Nigeria gives less time for medical students to pursue other extra-curricular activities and although COVID-19 has brought a lot of unprecedented times, medical students have utilized the opportunity positively by engaging in different activities while accessing a variety of opportunities. Prior to the pandemic, medical students are also known to spend lesser time for social interactions, personal and professional development. Since the lockdown led to the halt of academic activities including lectures and exams in most medical schools in Nigeria, students have more time to explore other activities.

Through constantly interacting with my medical colleagues all over Nigeria during the lockdowns, this experience provides a summary of the activities medical students have been engaging in during the lockdown to cope with the shocking changes.


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