The IJMS is looking for donations to convert its articles in HTML and XML


Dear readers and authors of the International Journal of Medical Students

We are a nonprofit scientific journal created to shared medical students and recently graduated physicians' research. We are working with the University Library System of the University of Pittsburgh to improve the quality of our work and as part of this initiative, we found the need to convert published articles into a more accessible platform for our readers --instead of only PDF files we are creating HTML and XML files--.

We have published more than 150 articles with more than 2,000 pages in the last 8 years. We found a vendor to do this task and the price per page is $0.73 USD, thus we need to raise approximately $1,600 USD to cover the cost. This will increase accessibility, readability, and visibility of the work that we have published. We have a month to collect this sum.

We are a diamond open access journal, therefore, we do not charge readers or authors to publish. We work on a pro-bono basis and this is why we are asking you for a small donation to keep moving forward the only international journal for medical students.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe page:

Make sure to share it with your colleagues and using your social networks!

Thank you!

Executive Committee of IJMS